My name's Aimee and I draw sometimes.

Here's where you can find me:


My name is Aimee Stewart and I'm an animation student from Scotland. Nice to meet you!

I live in Edinburgh, which is also where I study! I'm working towards my Animation BA and I also dabble in illustration in my free time. My work is mostly digital but I enjoy playing with mixed media too. I'm always experimenting and learning new things so my style jumps around a bit right now! When I'm not drawing, you can usually find me on tumblr or twitter crying about cartoons.

The best place to follow me for my art is my Tumblr, but if you want to hear me yell into the void I'm much more active on Twitter!

You can email me at zapsi.art@gmail.com or use the contact form at the link below!


If you're interested in commissioning me, below is a list of pricing and examples of my work. If your designs are extremely complicated the cost may increase slightly; please contact me at zapsi.art@gmail.com with your character references and a rough outline of what you're looking for and I can give you a quote!

Please note that these prices are for personal use commissions only; if you wish to hire me for commercial work please contact me to discuss further.

By commissioning me you agree to my terms of service, please read it here before contacting me!


These are loose and fun sketches without cleanup; quick and dirty!

Bust - £3

Half body - £5

Full body - £7

Sketch with rough colour - Double base price
Bust - £6
Half body - £10
Full body - £14

Extra character - Add 50% of total price

-Full Body Illustrations-

The main event! Starts with a sketch, ends with a clean final transparent png or solid colour background!

Flat colours - £15

Shaded - £25

Extra character - Add 50% of total price


Stylised full colour portraits! These are a little loosey goosey, but a lot more rendering work goes into them!

Lineless bust Icon - £10

Outlined bust Icon - £15

Half body - £30

Abstract Background - Add £5

-Creature Chibis-

Full bodies with no background for simplified or small characters! Good for critters or other cute little designs!

Lineless with simple shading - £15

Sparkle gif and rainbow overlay shading - Add £3

-Ref sheets-

If you already have a rough design but want someone to pin it down for you, I can help! Please contact me for a quote; pricing is heavily dependent on how many drawings you require and how much of the design work needs to be done by me!

See something you like? Want something slightly different? Feel free to get in touch!


(If you're having issues with the contact form, you can email me directly at zapsi.art@gmail.com!)